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beach cleaning machine

beach cleaning machine

Beach Cleaning Machine: This has to be considered our first attempt to maintain out tourismus product.

That’s why the birth of our new beach cleaning section of Tourism, created with the objective of providing for the cleaning and maintenance of our sand and beaches with our beach cleaning machine.

The cleaning of our beaches in Summer, including Saturdays and Sundays, starts very early in the morning. It Easy with SCAM beach cleaning machine.

Thanks to some special beach equipments, with our beach cleaning machine, the cleaning is not limited only to litter picking but also to sand sifting and to raking the beach.

The work of this section also extends into the protection of the environment from the beach pollution. 10 beach cleaners were sent to France on a specialized course in the cleaning of some areas fitted from oil spills disasters.

Presently the work force of beach cleaning section is studying, in cooperation with some important companies of the sector, the manufacturing of some special beach cleaning machine & equipments, which can be used not only during the Summer but also in Winter.

These new beach equipments can clean our beaches also from debris which are deposited by gales and storms. All these beach cleaning Machine are high quality, specially designed for beach pollution, employed above all on costal zones of high-populated or busy tourist areas.