Otaria, Beach cleaning machine for tractor

Beach cleaning machine for tractor Otaria

Tractor-towed beach cleaning machine, perfect to be used with 4-wheel drive tractors (50cv). Ideal for cleaning of sandy areas (beaches, golf courses bunkers, playgrounds, beach volley fields, etc.) the vibrating screen system, the interchangeable sieves with various meshes shaped as a "step" and the high-frequency vibration allow the full sieving of the sand loaded by the blade, separating the waste which will fall into practical steel container emptied hydraulically.. The depth of the work is controlled by the operator acting on the tractor's hydraulic lifter. The machine is supplied with 2 strong sieves with reciprocating motion The machine is equipped with a propeller shaft with controlled force for the connection with the tractor’s power takeoff. The machine complies with ce regulations.



The special “vibrating screen” installed by SCAM on all its beach cleaners, effectively separate sand from debris up to a depth of 10-12 and 15 cm respectively, even in case of damp or wet sand (water edge).

CLEANING EFFICIENCY: 5000-11000 sq.m/h and more depending on the state of the sand (wet, humid, dry) and on the conditions of the foreshore.
CLEANING DEPTH : from 0 to 15 cm. adjustable by the operator, also during its working.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 2 interchangeable sieves, with 8-20 mm meshes, 1 propeller shaft
WASTE BOX: 400 lt.
DRAIN DEVICE: Hydraulic device discharge on the ground
DIMENSIONS: cm. 167/211x157x91/H (H) Weight: kg. 356
MACHINE COMPLETELYHOT DIP GALVANIZED SUITABLE TO BE USED WITH 4-wheel drive tractors 50hp, equipped with lifter and hydraulic joints