Rake, Beach cleaning machine for tractor

Beach cleaning machine for tractor Rake

At the beginning of the summer season it is very common that the beach is covered with big waste washed ashore by winter storms.
Remove them manually requires great physical effort with coarse results, at the same time, use a beach cleaning machine to remove bulky obstacles may cause damage or breakage to the machine.
The RAKE is the ideal, the right and effective tool to remove large debris, move the sand and prepare it to be easily sifted by a beach cleaning machine.

The RAKE, pulled by a suitable tractor, is made by a support frame on which are applied special springs which turn over the soil, collect waste and level the sand.

Rake 1.5 made of 12 special steel tines
Dimensions: cm.148x88x95.5H – kg.132
Rake 2.0 made of 16 special steel tines
Dimensions: cm.200×8 8×98.5H – Kg.192
Galvanized steel frame
Option to regulate and/or add more tines
Not Available