How to clean sand

how to clean


Have you never thought about making your beach safer? When your clients come to the beach, they look for a safe holiday, an unpolluted environment, with no risk for their kids.

Scam has been working and designing beach equipment and many beach cleaner machines for years to pursuit this goal: to improve your beach safety that means also improving your business.

Scam design and manufactures beach equipment, beach cleaning machines for beach care, which are successful in the Italian domestic market and abroad. Have a look at the most requested models such as Punguino, Cavalluccio, Marlin and Ondina.

Think about sand care and buy the innovative beach sand cleaners for your next summer business! Shore cleaning is the first step towards holiday improving and business increasing.

The Scam Beach Equipment is your new cleaner of sand: Scam models are capable of removing any unwanted debris from sand, such as seaweed, fish, glass, syringes, plastic, cans, cigarettes, shells, stone, wood, etc. Contact Scam for a safer beach!